There is graphic content of cannabis plants being seized in this article, please look away now if you do not wish to see it.

This isn’t your normal cannabis bust, small time grow operation or people caught dealing. No, this is the largest cannabis grow operation in the UK, busted by West Midlands Police.

In an act of cruelty to nature, 2000 marijuana plants were found and confiscated after a police helicopter picked up on the heat signature coming from an industrial unit.

The helicopter detected a “substantial heat source” while flying over Stoke Row Industrial Estate, Stoke, on Tuesday morning (6th May). It is also reported police were tipped off about the plants.

Those two thousand plus plants amounted to £1.2million in street value and would have no doubt got a lot of people high.

[Hold while I collect my tears]

Now, two men aged 40 and 49 were charged with cannabis production and will face magistrates court at a later date.

See a similar raid by West Midlands Police made in March 2013 where the coppers found £2million worth of weed.

Does it make you wonder how much this is costing the tax payer? A complete waste of money seeing cannabis will be legal is some form soon.

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